20-0804 Utility Constrained Project - No Ability to Send Excess Energy to Grid 3.x

ILFI is creating a new compliance pathway for projects that are prohibited from exporting excess energy to the grid by the utility provider:

EC-022 Zero/Net Positive Energy Performance for Utility-Constrained Projects
Projects that are prohibited by the utility from exporting energy to the grid, yet are grid-connected and draw energy from the grid only when their battery has been depleted and are unable to cover loads with renewables, may demonstrate the ability to be zero energy (or net positive) during the selected performance period through calculations showing excess energy that could have been provided to the grid (if export to grid were allowed by the utility, based on actual meteorological conditions and actual loads) meets or exceeds the actual quantity of energy that was imported from the grid during the performance period (100% or 105% as program requirements dictate).

The project team must advocate to the utility provider to allow for energy to be exported to the grid, and submit record of correspondence with the utility that highlights inability to export energy to the grid.

NOTE: This was originally published as EC-017 Zero/Net Positive Energy Performance for Utility Constrained Projects. It has been re-numbered to EC-022.

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