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Our project team is in the process to trying to find an adequate joinery product that will comply with the LBC. We have been able to find no-added formaldehyde (NAF) MDF products that comply, however they are very limited in turns of design and colour. We have been looking at some particleboard that may be suitable as it complies with CARB Phase II emission thresholds (please see attached Environmental Data Sheet). My question is; are we able to use this product in the application for cupboards, drawers and wall panels? Does it fall under 'furniture substrates' in exception I10-E11 1/2009? or any other applicable exception?


Exception I10-E11 Composite Wood Sheet Goods is being updated to include cabinet applications. Cabinets, including substrates and joinery components, may contain Ultra Low-Emitting-Formaldehyde (ULEF) as designated by CARB Phase II emissions thresholds. 

Teams must first request No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) products from the preferred cabinet or component supplier. If NAF components are not available, project teams may install ULEF products and must advocate to product manufacturers to offer NAF products in the future.

(1/2009*) I10-E11 Composite Wood Sheet Goods 
Some composite wood sheet goods may contain specific types or levels of formaldehyde:

  • Structural composite wood sheet goods may have added phenol formaldehyde (no urea formaldehyde).
  • Systems furniture substrates and cabinetry may contain Ultra-Low-Emitting-Formaldehyde (ULEF) as designated by CARB Phase II emission thresholds.
  • Door-rail joints may contain urea formaldehyde.
  • Flush wood doors may contain no more than 2% added phenol or melamine formaldehyde.

Composite wood sheet goods used for non-structural purposes, other than those explicitly stated in this exception, may not have any added formaldehyde.

*updated 1/2015, 9/2016 and 4/2018

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