17-1207 v3.0/Binghamton University Nuthatch Hollow Environmental Studies Facility/Adaptive Reuse of Foundation 3.x


Our project building is about 3000s.f. (279 sq. meters). There is an existing building on the project site to be demolished, except for its foundation, which is to be preserved and used as part of the foundation for the new building. When construction is complete, no part of the foundation will be visible.  Will the re-use of the foundation, and highlighting the feature with graphics or photographs prominently displayed for all occupants to see, satisfy the Imperative 14 salvaged material/adaptive reuse requirement?


New construction projects may count elements that would normally be removed, such as foundations, as salvaged. To address this more clearly, the Institute has amended I13-E1 In Situ Salvaged Materials (May 2017 Materials Petal Handbook p.42) to the below to address both renovation and new construction projects. In addition, to alleviate confusion, products that are counted as salvaged under one Imperative will now be counted as salvaged under all relevant Imperatives. 
I13-E1 In Situ Salvaged Materials
Major renovation (i.e. "gut rehab") or demolition/ new construction projects, under either the Building or Renovation Typologies, may track some in situ reused materials as salvaged. In situ salvaged materials may represent up to 10% of the project materials construction budget based on the estimated replacement cost of these materials. 
Only materials that are usually removed under typical scopes of work   for the construction type may be counted as salvaged. For example, interior partitions, millwork, interior doors, and ceiling, wall and floor finishes left in situ in a tenant improvement may be tracked as salvaged and sourced onsite. Structural elements, exterior envelope, and base building systems are not considered within the typical scope of a renovation project and therefore should not be tracked as salvaged for those projects. Structural elements that are not normally retained in demolition for new construction (e.g. foundations, a facade, or isolated structural elements) could count as salvaged for those projects. 
Items considered salvaged per the above are counted as salvaged for all impacted Imperatives (e.g. I-12, I-13, I-14). 

Documentation: I13-a Exception Narrative - A list of all the in situ products noting the basis of the estimated replacement cost (cost shown in Materials Tracking Table). 

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