17-1106 v3.1/RESET IAQ Compliance Path 3.x

I08-E8 RESET IAQ Compliance Path

The Institute has approved an alternative compliance path for LBC project teams pursuing Imperative 08, Healthy Interior Environment. Teams now have the option to submit either under the standard compliance path (two IAQ tests: post-construction and post-occupancy) OR use RESET continuous monitoring along with post-construction spot tests for formaldehyde, NO2, ozone, and 4-PCH against the existing LBC thresholds. If projects do not pass any of the spot tests, a re-test for that pollutant will be required. By the end of the LBC project's twelve-month performance period, the project must be RESET certified and have passing test results for each of the required spot tests. As RESET incorporates testing for formaldehyde, NO2, ozone, and 4-PCH, the Institute may modify the requirement for spot tests accordingly.

Within I08-1, IAQ testing results:

  • Current RESET certification 
  • Passing post-construction test results for formaldehyde, NO2, ozone and 4-PCH.

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