17-0803 v3.1/Update to I10-E19 Phenol Formaldehyde in Mineral Wool Insulation 3.x

Note: This exception has been consolidated into RL-009 Formaldehyde for LBC 4.0. Project teams pursuing LBC versions released prior to 4.0 may use either I10-E9 and other formaldehyde exceptions addressing specific product types, as applicable, or RL-009. RL-009 may not be used in combination with other formaldehyde exceptions under the Red List Imperative.


Update to I10-E9 exception to include semi-rigid mineral wool products.

(3/2013) I10-E9 Phenol Formaldehyde in Mineral Wool Insulation 

Phenol formaldehyde is allowed in rigid and semi-rigid mineral wool insulation for exterior applications (such as rain screen assemblies or foundation insulation). 

While rigid and semi-rigid mineral wool insulation do contain some formaldehyde, most of the formaldehyde is eliminated in the production process through a chemical reaction and high heat. Mineral wool insulation installed on the exterior of the building poses less risk to humans and ecosystem than rigid foam insulation products, which almost always contain HFRs and use blowing agents with high global warming potential.

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