20-0609 Salvaged Materials Outside Typical Vetting Scope 3.x


Project teams may elect to include products not included in the typical LBC vetting scope. These products must be installed within the LBC project boundary and must be tracked consistently across all Health + Happiness and Materials Petal vetting-related Imperatives. The cost of each individual product added to the LBC vetting scope must also be added to the overall project materials cost.

For example, project teams may choose to track refurbished FF&E elements, such as side tables, as salvage products contributing to the Net Positive Waste Imperative. These side tables must be tracked with either a purchase or replacement cost and included under the Living Economy Sourcing Imperative and the same cost must be added to the overall reported project budget; any new materials used to refurbish the table (such as new coat of polyurethane) must be tracked for the Red List and Healthy Interior Environment Imperatives, but existing product materials do not require Red List or emissions tracking.

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