20-0602 v3.X Existing Parking for Staging and Project Area 3.x


The lined out text in the following Clarification in the LBC 3.1 Equity Petal Handbook for Imperative 15 Human Scale + Humane Places, under Parking has been deleted, and the language below, added:

If existing parking will not be disturbed by the project, it may be excluded from the Project Area and therefore does not need to meet the minimum parking areas or other parking-related requirements outlined in this Imperative. If existing parking is disturbed by construction (e.g., conveyance trenching, repaving, adding signs or lights, etc.)  or used for materials staging, it is to be considered part of the Project Area and as such must meet the limits defined by this Imperative. Re-striping after construction is complete is allowed without triggering inclusion in the Project Area. 

Added:Existing parking used for construction staging does not need to be included in the Project Area. If the existing parking is damaged and requires repair as a result of use for construction staging, the repair work needs to be done in compliance with all other Imperatives being pursued, but the area of repair does not need to be included in the Project Area for purposes of area-based calculations.

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