19-0403 v3.x/Wetland Classification and Buffer Guidance 3.x

Amendment to Wetland Clarification under I-01 Limits to Growth

Wetland buffers should be determined according to King County Ordinance section 21A.24.325. Note that within the section there are separate tables for areas within and outside of an urban growth boundary. 

To determine the wetland buffer using the King County guidance, the wetland must be delineated according to the US Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Wetlands Delineation Manual with Regional Supplement, and rated according to the Wetland Rating System for Western Washington, which is largely based on wetland function and hydrogeomorphology. Where local conditions cannot be characterized by these methods, an alternative science-based rating methodology, with demonstrated acceptance among wetland ecologists with expertise on local systems, should be used and documented.

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