18-0419 v3.1/Temporary Construction Materials Update 3.x



What are the rules for temporary materials used during construction, but that do not remain in the final project? 

Note - this pertains to all Materials Imperatives, but is listed under I-12 Responsible Industry because the most significant change is to the requirement for FSC formwork. 


This is an update to the rules about temporary materials, formwork and materials tracking:

  • Temporary materials that are part of the construction teams equipment and systems (e.g ladders, lights, tools, tarps) that are used during construction and are re-useable after the LBC project, do not need to be tracked, nor included in any project documentation. 
  • Temporary materials that are purchased solely for the project but do not remain part of the project (e.g. formwork, plastic sheeting), do not need to be vetted, but do need to be accounted for in waste tracking for Imperative 14 Net Positive Waste (I-14). Items purchased for the projects but re-used on a later project would be considered diverted for I-14. Items that wear out during the project need to be recycled or otherwise counted in totals for I-14. 

Formwork used during construction is now covered under the rule set above, although teams are still encouraged to source salvaged (i.e., already used at least once) or FSC Certified formwork, and to re-use or re-purpose any formwork after the project is complete. 

Dumpster chutes do not need to be tracked. Heaters used during construction do not need to be tracked and can be combustion-based. Silt fencing must be tracked for I-14, but not other Materials Imperatives.

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