19-0613 v3.X External Features for Historic Building 3.x


The project is an existing building that has been part of the campus community and the College legacy since 1910. The design team would like to preserve the architectural character of the building as much as possible. Preserving the architectural character also goes to the intent of achieving Imperative 9 Biophilic Environment of having a unique connection through Place‐Based Relationships, which is one of the attributes with most significance to the College, Alumni and current residents.  

Currently, the building has a covered entry with a walk‐off mat that is maintained weekly. There are several architectural details that the team is trying to preserve such as the arch entryway and the contrasting limestone and brick wall that define the main entry to the building. This entrance is used on a regular basis. This space is also the first and last experience of the residents and significant points in the time as students residing in this building. 

The team is requesting relief from the requirement for a canopy over the entrance so as not to alter or obscure the historic stone and brick entrance facade. The design team is also requesting the approval of the following approach to meet the Imperative requirement for walk‐off systems at the primary entrance. The exiting covered entry is to be enclosed and converted into a vestibule with a walk‐off mat extending 6 feet in the direction of travel. A new door pushed back into the building will allow for the addition length in the vestibule required by ADA. Inside the foyer, an additional walk‐off mat 4 feet in length for a total of 10 feet (the project is also pursuing LEED certification which requires a minimum of 10 feet). 

If this approach is acceptable, the existing architectural language of the main entry will be preserved, and we believe the intent of the imperative will be met. Thank you for considering our request.  


Your approach is a satisfactory solution to the main entry walk‐off/vestibule requirements under I‐08 Healthy Interior Environment. You may proceed with the solution outlined above. ILFI is creating a new, general Clarification around external features for existing historic buildings:

Existing Historic Buildings

In recognition that historic buildings are often required to maintain a particular appearance, existing registered historic buildings (or international equivalent) may be exempt from certain exterior requirements, such as inclusion of a canopy at the main entrance. Teams must strive to incorporate all required exterior features, but may submit to the Dialogue requesting exemption if historical requirements prevent such exterior features. In addition to registered historic buildings, buildings located within historic areas that are similarly required by a greater authority to maintain a certain appearance may also make the case through the Dialogue that provision of certain exterior features prevents the project from meeting some requirements of the Living Building Challenge.

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