18-1002 v3.X Engineered Stone 3.x


Does our project team need to send advocacy letters for pursuing certification to ANSI Natural Stone Council Standard to manufacturers of quartz countertops? Because quartz countertops are considered engineered stone, does that mean they are not considered a dimensional stone product and therefore advocacy is not needed? The confusion lies in the fact that quartz countertops are made mostly of natural quartz and, although abundant, I would imagine that life cycle practices for quartz may be destructive and therefore could benefit from 3rd party standards. Thank you!


It is recommended - but not required - that the team advocate to the ANSI Natural Stone Council for creation of a non-dimensional stone standard. Because quartz countertops are not a dimensional stone product, the team is not required to advocate to the quartz countertop manufacturer to adopt the ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone standard.

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