18-0426 v3.1/The Ecology School Commons/Commercial Kitchen Exception for Outdoor Pizza Oven 3.x


Is a wood fired pizza oven, even if exterior to a commercial kitchen, acceptable under the LBC Exception I06-E14 4/2016 Combustion in Commercial Kitchens?  All wood will be sustainably sourced, coming from on-site, and it will not be the primary source for cooking.


A project team may install a wood fired pizza oven under Exception I06-E15 Combustion in Commercial Kitchens if they are able to document:
  • why wood fired cooking is necessary (I06-a Exception Narrative)
  • all wood used in the oven during the performance period (I06-c Technical Documents) and show that the calculated equivalent kBtu was offset by renewable energy production by the project over the course of that same time period (I06-b Meter Data)
  • air quality protection through the use of a CE and/or UL certified soot and smoke filter to minimize air quality impacts (I06-c):

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