18-0409 v3.0/The Living House/Relocated PV System 3.x


We would like to relocate an existing 3KW PV array complete with batteries, inverters and controllers from our existing house onto the Living House (to enable the one bedroom granny flat to have standalone generation). The existing system contains PVC (and possibly other red list items such as lead in the batteries) in certain places and we would like confirmation that we are able to relocate and reuse this system (even though it contains PVC). Any items that need to be purchased from new to enable the system to be moved and reinstalled we would ensure are Red List compliant. However we would like to reuse as is, anything that can be reused. 

It would potentially be possible to strip out any items that contain PVC (or other red list chemicals) from the existing system but then we would just be binning or recycling these items, thus ending the life of a still useful product and having to replace it with a new product.

Could you therefore please confirm if it is possible to relocate and reuse existing sytems/products that may contain Red List items (i.e. does the Red List only apply to new items purchased for the project?). 


A relocated PV system is considered salvaged. Elimination of components containing Red List ingredients is not necessary in this salvaged system. All new materials required for system relocation must comply with I10 Red List requirements.
Purchasing a PV system that is no longer producing energy, or that must go offline for reasons that are unrelated to the LBC project (e.g. bldg demolition), is allowed. Relocating a PV system that continues to support the original beneficiary, is allowed. 
Relocating a functioning PV system the takes benefit from one project for another project does not result in additionality (new renewable energy suppy), and is not allowed. See the Additionality Clarification in the v3.1 Energy Petal Handbook for more details. The team must provide information on the status of the PV panels leading up to their acquisition by the LBC team, making the case that additionality occurred. This can be provided in the I06-1 Energy Narrative at the time of audit or through the Dialogue before the audit. 

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