18-0402 v2.1/Gaddy Residence/Case for a Lower FAR 3.x


I am requesting a late interpretation as this project is currently in review. The issue is that we replaced a single family home with a slightly smaller single family home and never considered that we had reduced the density even as we submitted our calculations (shown below). The home is in a single family residential development and multi-family is not allowed by zoning. The owner did not need a larger home and, in fact, enlarged his original design to meet bank loan parameters. We are seeking a circumstantial allowance for this reduction in FAR.

OriginalThe original house on this property was 2,700 square feet including a basement. Additionally, there was a 400 square foot garage for a total built area of 3,100 SF.

NewThe new house is 2,187 square feet. The garage is 699 square feet for a total of 2,886 SF.

SiteThe site area is 53,143 SF
The original FAR was 3,100/53,143 = FAR .06
The new FAR is 2,886/53,143 = FAR .05


To meet I04 Car Free Living / I04 Human Powered Living density requirements, residential projects on sites with existing buildings must demonstrate either that the FAR has not decreased or that the number of dwelling units on the site has not decreased.

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