18-0319 v3.0/Casa SN/Fireplace 3.x


our single family house project is pursuing the Zero Energy Certification, version 3.1 (not the Petal Certification, Energy). Looking through the ZEB 3.1 certification requirements, we don't find instructions about the 'fireplace' option, while it was mentioned in NZEB 3.0. A fireplace is generally used in this mountain area for ornamental reasons, due to historical vernacular traditions. Is this option available please? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.


Projects pursuing Zero Energy Certification may use all v3.1 Energy Petal Exceptions in the v3.1 Energy Petal Handbook (EnPH) and Dialogue updates, except I06-E3 Tenant Improvements in Existing High Rises. Fireplaces are allowed under certain circumstances, including under I06-E5 Ornamental Fireplace in Transects L1, L2, and L3 (see EnPH p14). 

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