18-0306 v3.1/Equipment and Appliances Scope for Materials 3.x


Which equipment and appliances need to be included in the scope for materials vetting? 

Are AV projectors that are bolted to their platforms FF&E (despite being "mechanically fastened")? 


Updates to Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Clarification (May 2016 v3.1 Materials Petal Handbook p10):

Edits to first paragraph:

"Standard scope items include those that are contractor furnished and installed; those that are  mechanically fastened or otherwise permanently affixed; components of systems furniture; and/or (for appliances and equipment) those that are hard-wired, -plumed, or -piped. Furniture... air quality tests." 

Replace 2nd paragraph ("Small pieces ... vetting scope") with:

"All equipment and appliances that are hardwired and/or hard piped to the building must be included in the Materials vetting scope. In addition, all stand alone equipment and appliances that require a dedicated power circuit (220v or higher) must be included in the vetting scope. Small pieces of equipment that are hardwired to the project's low voltage (typically less than 50v) electrical system are not included in the Materials Petal scope and do not require vetting."

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