18-0125 v3.1/USDA Soil Classification in Conflict with Known Site History 3.x


The USDA Conservation Service Web Soil Survey defines our site as sassafras loam at 0 to 2 percent slopes which classifies it as prime farmland. The site was developed prior to December 31, 2007 with purposes that contaminated the soil and required remediation which has been completed by the Owner. Because of the site's previous contamination, the site cannot be used as farmland in future. We believe the mis-classification of our site by the USDA Conservation Service Web Soil Survey is a function of their sampling size. The Custom Soil Resource Report for our site indicates the results may not be valid because the data is mapped at 1:15,800 which is substantially larger in scale than our site. The report notes, "Enlargement of maps beyond the scale of mapping can cause misunderstanding of the detail of mapping and accuracy of soil line placement. The maps do not show the small areas of contrasting soils that could have been shown at a more detailed scale." Please confirm that despite the fact that the USDA Conservation Service Web Soil Survey classifies our site as prime farmland that its previous contaminating uses and subsequent remediation means ILFI will understand that our site is not actually prime farmland and therefore complies with the intent and requirements of I01: Limits to Growth.


A site that was developed prior to December 31, 2007 and is documented as contaminated, meets the LBC requirements for previously developed; documentation of contamination supersedes the USDA's Web Soil Survey designation of prime farmland. 

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