18-0116 v3.1/Mock Up Materials as Salvaged Under Net Positive Waste 3.x


Our project is required to have 30 salvaged products. The project team has been working for months to identify opportunities for use of salvaged materials, and during our discussions, the idea of salvaging products from our mock ups was raised. Mock ups are typical for buildings of a certain size with programmatic complexity, and generally the items that are used to build these temporary spaces are often demolished. We propose to use as many products from our mock up spaces as possible, taking care to document their extraction from the space. We will also document their value, less costs associated with their removal, transport and storage. How many product types might come from a Mock up space? How many products might our project count as salvaged? Would the remainder of the mock up demo be considered part of our net positive waste calculation?


Products taken from a mock up space may count as salvaged with the following limitations:

  • A maximum of 5 products taken from a mock up may be considered salvaged.
  • The products taken from the mock up may only count as 1 product category if the project is using I14-E4 Large Project Minimum Salvage Materials.
Because mock ups are temporary, and also typically outside of the project area of the Living Building Challenge project, they are not tracked for I14 Net Positive Waste.

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