18-0102 v3.0/The Glenorchy MarketPlace, Stage 1 - Camp Glenorchy/Action Required When Compliance of a Product Cannot Be Determined 3.x


Exception I10-E1 8/2008 ( General Red list) may be applied when a non compliant product requires to be specified as it cannot be designed out of the project and the appropriate due diligence has been carreid out in an attempt to source a compliant product.  Please confirm that this is also the course of action to take when project teams have been unable to determine if a product is compliant or not due to a lack of response from ( at least 3) Manufacturers or the provision of insufficient/incomplete documentation from selected Manufacturers. 


When the team has made a concerted effort to contact at least three manufacturers and no response has been received, teams may cite I10-E1 General Red List to select the product in question from any of the unresponsive manufacturers. The team must send an advocacy letter to the selected manufacturer regarding transparency. While not required, at least three attempts at contact (e.g. two e-mails and a call) to each manufacturer, and advocacy letters to the manufacturers that were not selected, informing them why the team was not able to use their products, are recommended actions. 

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