17-1217 v3.0/Shared Entry Sign Size Exception 3.x


Our project is located in transect L1, it is a previously developed greyfield within in a state park. The project site is adjacent to an existing beach highway, and the proposed sign faces the highway and is intended to direct highway travelers to our project and an adjacent beach pavilion.

The maximum dimension for a freestanding sign in our transect is 2mx2.5m and the bottom edge of the sign can be no more than 2m above the ground. 

The proposed sign is 15' long by 4'-9 1/2" high, or roughly 4.6m x 1.5 m. The sign is not raised off the ground at all, so the top edge is only extend 1.5m high.  The area of our proposed sign is 6.9 square meters.  We have uploaded dimensioned elevations of the signage. Sheets D1.2, D1.7, and D1.9 show the Interpretive Center and Beach Pavilion sign.

While our proposed sign length exceeds the requirements for a 3m x 2.5 meter sign, the area of our proposed sign is smaller than the maximum area, when sign size and height are combined. 2m * (2.5m+2m)=  9 square meters. Since our sign is multi-functional (serving two buildings), is located along a highway, and does not exceed the maximum area allowed, we would like to request an exception.  


Because the signage is designed to serve more than one building and is for way-finding from the highway (vs. pedestrians at the building entry), it may slightly exceed the established maximum area guidelines for signage.

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