17-0926 v2.1/Glumac Shanghai Office TI/Water Bill Unavailable in China 3.x


Since the water utility fee is included in our rent, we don’t have any water bills from the landlord (usual practice in China). However, our office has a BMS for recording total energy and water use information. Even though we do not have monthly water records, the total water use records can easily show our net zero water situation. See attached.


When there is no monthly water data available, the owner must provide a letter confirming that is the case, and the team must also provide sufficient evidence that the identified water volumes represent the entire 12-month performance period. The team may use the proposed calculation methodology in the attached document so long as the value of each variable in the final calculation is justified. Reducing the value of water used based on the number of occupants (for toilet and lavatory fixtures) is appropriate when shared with other tenants. 
Additionally, if municipal water is used in the project, the team must document eligibility for and compliance with an existing Exception.

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