19-1108 v3.X Off-Site Water Body for Project Use 3.x


The project team hereby seek LBC guidance as to the conditional use of the off-site river water source.
The project site has no municipal water connection, although it has the infrastructure. The site also has an on-site borehole although this water still requires water quality testing.
The project site is situated approximately 270m from the Berg River; which is off-site (please see the visual attached).
In an effort to use the Berg River as a water source, the project has obtained a Water Use Licence from the local authority.
The project team note that the minimal consumption of water from the Berg River (by the project's operations) would be sufficiently replenished by stormwater.
As an initial use, may the project use water from the Berg River for construction purposes? Construction purposes entails using water for concrete (minimal concrete is to be used) as well as for compacting of soil.
The project can meter the water withdrawal from the Berg River to ensure that it is sufficiently offset. The project team can also ensure that no contaminated water enters the ground.
Additionally, for operational purposes, may the project use water from the Berg River for project site irrigation throughout and after the project’s performance period? The project team note that this use will result in a closed-loop system as the irrigation water filters into the ground to eventually connect with the groundwater below and then with the Berg River.


Water used for construction purposes is out of scope and does not need to comply with the Living Building Challenge requirements. 
The project team may use I05-E8 Scale Jumping Within an Aquifer for irrigation water if the team can demonstrate that water capture and reuse has been maximized, water use has been minimized, and ground/well water is not accessible. The team will need to show that the water will infiltrate back into the aquifer, include all pumping energy in the project's energy budget and make the case that the offsite water system is appropriately proximate to the project. 
For additional clarification on I05-E8 Scale Jumping Within an Aquifer please see the Dialogue post titled " 17-0509 v3.1/Scale Jumping Within an Aquifer".

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